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Workman School of Dental Medicine
Workman School of Dental Medicine
An extraordinary dental medicine education in an inspiring environment with caring people.

We look forward to welcoming our inaugural cohort in August 2024.
High Point University Announces The Workman School

HPU announces a $32 million donation for the Workman School of Dental Medicine. Read more here.

Informational Sessions

We are currently holding an online session about the update for DMD applicants–register now for July 27

We have scheduled a public online townhall for those interested in learning more about the WSDM–register now for August 2

Campus Visits

At this time, we are not offering visits to the Workman School of Dental Medicine. Please check back often for updates.


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Update: The HPU Workman School of Dental Medicine will welcome the inaugural class in August 2024.

Additional questions about the update can be found here. Interviews and selection of the inaugural cohort will begin in summer 2023. Those who have started a 2022-2023 application can complete their submission by August 15, 2022 to be rolled over into the 2023-2024 application cycle.

High Point University seeks doctor of dental medicine applicants with a broad and strong educational background. While a foundation in science is desirable preparation for dental school, well-prepared candidates also possess knowledge in humanities, social science, and the arts. Non-science majors are encouraged to apply. Preference is given to those who have completed upper division courses and display academic preparation.

The HPU Workman School of Dental Medicine student will advance the profession and, as such, we give preference to applicants who demonstrate a commitment to excellence and leadership through extracurricular activities and community service. This may include exposure to research experience, in-person observation or online review of dental procedures or attending dental related informational programs.

HPU students are as diverse in their backgrounds as they are in their interests. As a private university, we seek to enroll individuals from all 50 states and many countries, and our current student body reflects that. HPU Workman School of Dental Medicine feels strongly about the need for diverse health care teams. Through its enrollment of students from various backgrounds, HPU directly advances that objective.

Application Directions Finish an Application

What makes HPU WSDM admissions different?

  • No required prerequisite courses and standardized tests—we are DAT optional
  • No application or supplemental fee—the only cost is the Altus/CASPer assessment, if invited
  • An early commitment option for priority evaluation, interview, and admissions offers
  • A rolling admission process with results as early as two weeks after an interview

Please note, the HPU WSDM is in the middle of the CODA accreditation process. All admissions activities are conditional on the accreditation status. The process may be delayed from unforeseen circumstances. Candidates will be notified IMMEDIATELY if there is a change.

What is the application timeline?

The HPU SDMOH application will be available on the school website starting May 1, 2023—we are NOT using the ADEA AADSAS application.

A summary of the updated application will be available in the coming months.  Please check back often for updates.

Those who have already started an application for the 2022-2023 cycle are requested to complete their materials by August 15, 2022. Those applicants will be eligible for additional engagement opportunities and can roll their application into the 2023-2024 cycle. Of note, the Altus suite (Capser, Snapshot, and Duet) is OPTIONAL for candidates and can be rolled over with their application, if desired.


What are the admissions requirements and how do I apply?

A summary of our updated admissions model is will available in the coming months.

Our model includes a holistic review of candidates and does not have any required courses, degrees, shadowing hours, or standardized tests. Candidates are encouraged to share as much about themselves as possible so we have a full understanding of who you are and what you can bring to the HPU Workman School of Dental Medicine.

Please visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) for more specific answers to common questions.

What is CARE?

The High Point University Workman School of Dental Medicine is developing the Clinician-Advocate-Researcher-Entrepreneur (CARE) Curriculum to prepare learners for the future of dental medicine. We are intentionally designing the curriculum to lead the country in an innovative, research-based approach that immerses learners in authentic practice experiences within their first semester. We will provide the opportunity for learners to develop lifelong skills that will help them adapt to emerging needs and serve their communities.

Clinician Advocate Researcher Entrepreneur - The CARE Curriculum


What are the CARE curriculum’s phases?

The CARE curriculum has four phases that have specific goals for all learners to achieve during their time at the HPU Workman School of Dental Medicine.

CARE Curriculum Phases - Prerequisite, Prepare, Practice, Personalize

What types of courses will I take in the CARE curriculum?

The CARE curriculum includes fully integrated courses that will have learners immediately apply the information about oral healthcare to discussions, simulated experiences, and authentic patient care environments.

CARE curriculum schedule


How will I be assessed in the CARE curriculum?

The CARE curriculum is focused on growth of each learner to achieve a high standard of person-centered patient care. To accomplish this, learners will engage in frequent assessments intended to provide feedback to help learners grow as they move through the curriculum. The entire curriculum is a true pass/no pass system that emphasizes wellbeing and teamwork. Individuals will have opportunities to perform additional tasks for honors designations. All learners will be expected to demonstrate their ability to perform core tasks (i.e., Entrustable Professional Activities) through simulated and authentic patient care encounters to be eligible for graduation.

CARE Entrustable Professional Activities



A distinguishing feature of our program is that nearly 50% of our curriculum is experiential learning. Students will spend a significant amount of time during their first semester rotating through our Oral Health Network practices to provide and observe patient care and learn dental auxiliary roles and functions. All of our experiential learning occurs in authentic practice environments under the supervision of some of the top clinicians and professionals in the state and country. Student participation in practice will increase with each semester, culminating in full immersion during a student’s third and fourth years in the program.

Authentic Learning Environment

Full exposure to real practice environments that include private practice, group practice, community practice, and hospital practice. This includes learning about real-life business, management, and financial aspect.

Technology and Innovation

Learners will be providing clinical care that is comprehensive and utilizing state-of-the-art technology such as intraoral scanners, 3D printers, CAD/CAM design, and artificial intelligence. This will involve robust pre-clinical simulation training utilizing virtual reality/ haptics and simulated dental office encounters.

Extensive Clinical Portfolio

Learners will perform clinical care across a variety of complexity and autonomy. These experiences will be accumulated into a clinical portfolio, which will highlight the procedure, complexity, and autonomy of clinical experiences at HPU Oral Health.

Full Integration with Healthcare

HPU Oral Health will be fully-integrated with healthcare systems utilizing the EPIC electronic health record. This will allow team-based and integrated care for our patients. Our learners will have the ability to refer undiagnosed medical conditions to non-oral health care providers and manage oral/dental needs for patients that are referred to us by our medical colleagues. This form of integrated care is the future of healthcare and will allow our graduates to thrive in team-based environment.


Graduates from the HPU Oral Health network will be able to thrive in any environment and be at a comparative advantage for future opportunities because of their ability to provide care that is timely, comprehensive, and team-based. They will be able to understand and manage the business, management, and finances of a dental practice, and thrive in any environment they choose to pursue.

DMD Program

Program Information and Cost

  1. When will the first class of the dental school begin?
    We plan to welcome our inaugural class in the Fall (August) of 2024 pending accreditation approval.
  2. What is the length of the DMD program?
    The Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program is 4 years.
  3. How many learners will be in a single class?
    There will be 60 learners per cohort.
  4. What is the cost of tuition?
    Tuition inclusive of school-related fees is estimated to be $82,500 each year. For a national comparison, the average private dental school tuition is $87,090 per year and the average out-of-state public dental school tuition is $83,220 (average in-state tuition is $50,555). HPU will also provide free continuing education (CE) credit for life for all graduates up to the amount to meet the minimum licensure requirements for their respective state licensure via our campus, online, and partner continuing education offerings.
  5. I am an out-of-state resident, what is the out-of-state tuition?
    HPU WSDM is a private dental school and tuition will be the same for in-state and out-of-state residents.
  6. Will Scholarships be available?
    Scholarship awards will be available for the HPU WSDM, however, there are no additional details at this time about their availability.
  7. Will the school be fully accredited by the time the inaugural class begins?
    National accreditation through the Commission of Dental Accreditation (CODA) requires multiple steps—at this time, we are on track to for beginning our inaugural cohort in Fall 2023. We will IMMEDIATELY share any changes to this status with candidates.
  8. Can I take a tour of the dental school?
    We have not broken ground yet to build the dental school. The first cohort will be in a separate campus location until construction of the new dental school is complete. Interviews for prospective learners will include an on-site visit and tour of the campus.

Application Logistics

  1. I am interested in applying to your dental school as a DMD candidate, how do I apply?
    HPU WSDM will use an application in the Slate portal and is NOT participating in the ADEA/AADSAS application. The application is expected to be available on May 1, 2023. The application includes two steps outlined on the application website. There is no application fee for the HPU WSDM.
  2. What is the supplemental application (step two), and will it be available online or emailed to candidates that apply?
    The supplemental application includes additional questions and activities that will be required for all applicants. Candidates will be notified via email if they are invited to complete the supplemental components (i.e., step two). The second step requires additional assessments that have a cost (the CASPer/Altus assessment), so we want to be mindful of the financial burden on applicants. There is no additional/supplemental fee for the HPU WSDM.
  3. Where do applicants submit official transcripts?
    Official transcripts are expected to be requested when a conditional offer is given. The HPU WSDM application will request unofficial transcripts during the application process.
    Academic transcripts should not be sent to the HPU WSDM unless explicitly requested.
  4. What if I have new transcripts after I submitted my application?
    Changes to your application cannot be made after submission; however, if you have new transcripts to submit there is an option in the application dashboard where you can share additional information after your submission.
  5. What is the deadline to apply to HPU WSDM?
    The HPU WSDM application (part one) is due by January 31, 2024. Candidates who are interested in early commitment must apply (part one) by July 31, 2023.
  6. Can I receive feedback on my application or meet with someone to review it before submission?
    To provide a fair evaluation process of candidates, we cannot provide direct feedback to candidates who are submitting during the current application cycle. In general, if you are applying this cycle, contact with the HPU WSDM admissions team will be limited to email and phone call correspondence—this means we cannot physically meet with candidates on campus who intend to apply or have active applications during the current cycle. Prospective candidates who will be applying in future cycles are welcome to contact us and schedule more intensive discussions about their future applications.
  7. What is the early commitment option?
    This option gives applicants higher priority in on-site interviews and allows them the opportunity to confirm their position in the cohort early in the admissions process. Candidates who apply to the early commitment program, complete the interview, and are offered conditional acceptance are contractually committed to attending HPU WSDM, similar to other early decision/commitment programs. They are expected to withdraw their application to other programs at that time and will be considered a member of the incoming class unless there are unforeseen circumstances. This is a unique program attribute, so please feel free to contact us with additional questions about the requirements.

The Applicant

  1. What is HPU WSDM looking for in an applicant?
    We are seeking motivated, adaptive, and eager future dentists who have a passion for dentistry, a commitment to serving their communities, a curiosity for learning, and a desire to lead innovative practice spaces that promote better oral health. We are seeking candidates with diverse backgrounds in their knowledge, experiences, and individual attributes who want an extraordinary education that will prepare them for the future of dental medicine.
  2. I am not majoring in a Science-related field or pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree, can I still apply?
    We encourage learners from all majors to apply! We anticipate that prospective applicants will have various degrees, and this demonstrates interests outside of dentistry, which diversifies your application.
  3. I want to start dental school as soon as possible, do I have to have a four-year degree?
    Candidates are invited to apply to the program as soon as they believe they are ready to pursue a career in dentistry. Preference will be given to those who are on track to complete a four-year degree or who have completed a four-year degree.
  4. I do not have an even distribution of classes from the CARE document listed under the “pre-reqs” tab, will that negatively impact my application?
    The CARE document is a comprehensive guide to encourage learners from all backgrounds to apply. It will not negatively reflect your application if you do not have an evenly distributed transcript. We have listed classes that we are confident will adequately prepare learners and be advantageous for a career in dentistry.
  5. What is the GPA requirement?
    The HPU WSDM does not have a minimum GPA requirement. This is subject to change after the matriculation of our inaugural class.
  6. What is the minimum DAT score required for admission?
    The DAT (Dental Admission Test) is NOT an admission requirement for HPU WSDM. Applicants may choose to submit a copy of their unofficial DAT score to demonstrate testing competency if they desire. While it will be reviewed, it will not be considered as admission criteria to the dental school. Applicants who do not submit a DAT score will not be negatively impacted.
  7. Since the DAT is not required for admission, will the GPA be weighed heavier for candidates who apply to the DMD program?
    The team will use a holistic approach to evaluate each candidate. We will review your application, transcripts, experiences, and supplemental information in their entirety to inform our decisions. Your GPA will be considered, but your GPA alone is not a determining factor.
  8. How many shadowing hours are required to apply?
    While we encourage shadowing during your pursuit of dental school, we do NOT require a standard number of shadowing hours to apply. In addition to shadowing general dentists, we encourage shadowing different oral health specialties and healthcare providers for exposure to all disciplines. Additionally, we recognize the COVID-19 pandemic has further limited shadowing opportunities.
  9. How many letters of recommendation will be required?
    The HPU WSDM application will request you submit contact information for three individuals you would like to provide additional perspective about your capacity as a potential candidate. They will be requested to complete a brief rating of your abilities and the opportunity to share comments. The individuals are not requested to submit a formal letter of recommendation.

Transfer and International  Applicants

  1. I am currently enrolled in another dental school, can I transfer to HPU WSDM?
    Due to the integrated structure of our curriculum, the HPU WSDM will not accept learners transferring from another dental school.
  2. I have a Bachelor’s degree from another country, can I apply to the HPU WSDM?
    Applicants who hold a Bachelor’s degree from any other country outside of the United States are required to have their transcripts submitted and cleared through the Educational Credential Evaluators or World Education Services for admission to the HPU WSDM.
  3. I am an international learner, who will require a student F1 VISA to attend the HPU WSDM, can I apply?
    Due to accreditation requirements, we are unable to accept learners who will require a VISA (I-20, F1, etc.) in our first year, even if you already have one from another institution or from the HPU undergraduate program as the documents are program-specific. All candidates must be considered permanent US residents to be eligible for admissions. This is an evolving situation, so please check back or contact our team for more information.
  4. I have an H1B/H4 visa, can I apply?
    Individuals who have an H1B or H4 visa will be reviewed in-depth to ensure their visa will be effective for the full length of enrollment and proof of ability to fund the full cost of their dental education. More information may be requested from applicants as they progress through the process.
  5. I have a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status, can I apply?
    As we are a private dental school, we may accept well-qualified DACA and international applicants so long as they provide evidence of their ability to resource their dental education via scholarships, assets (familial or personal), private loans, or some other means. For some general information about non-FAFSA funding, please visit

NOTE: The Dental Scholars program is closed for the 2021-2022 academic year.

  1. What is the Dental Scholars program?
    Exceptionally qualified graduating high school students are eligible to apply for a six-year accelerated dental program known as the Dental Medicine Scholars program. This program enables learners to earn a DMD after a minimum of six years of study at HPU. The program includes two academic years of undergraduate coursework at HPU. The next four years are spent in the DMD program at the HPU WSDM. The Dental Medicine Scholars program is encouraged for learners who have a definite passion to pursue dentistry as a career, and/or learners who may desire to specialize and spend less time in undergraduate studies.
  2. Who is eligible for the Dental Scholars Program?
    Graduating high school students that have been admitted to High Point University and desire to attend dental school at HPU WSDM are eligible for the Dental Scholars program.
  3. How do learners apply to the Dental Scholars Program?
    Application to the program occurs concurrently when a learner applies for undergraduate admission to HPU. The dental school reviews the file of the applicant in Spring of the academic year prior to matriculation. Applicants may also be requested to attend a brief interview (online and/or in-person) to gather more information. Admission is based on a holistic review of the candidates’ qualifications as well as SAT scores, letters of recommendation, interviews, scholastic achievement, maturity, and motivation for dental school.
    Due to the competitive nature of the program, not all applicants will be admitted in the Dental Scholars program. If learners are NOT selected into the Dental Scholars program they may be offered Early Access, in which learners who decide to attend HPU will be guaranteed an interview at the HPU WSDM after two years of enrollment. Therefore, they may still earn the benefits of the accelerated track to the DMD program.
  4. How many learners will be admitted to the Dental Scholars Program?
    The number of learners admitted each year to the Dental Scholars program may vary.
  5. When will learners begin classes at the WSDM?
    Learners that successfully maintain their academic and behavioral requirements and successfully complete the dental school interview will begin classes at the HPU WSDM in the Fall following the conclusion of their second year of undergraduate studies.
  6. What will Dental Scholars major in at HPU?
    Dental Scholars will first declare a major of their choice as an incoming Freshman (i.e. Biology, Chemistry, etc.), although they will be non-degree seeking learner and will not receive a Bachelor’s degree in this program.
  7. Who will offer admission to the Dental Scholars Program, Undergraduate Admissions or the WSDM?
    Learners admitted to the Dental Scholars Program will be formally contacted by the HPU WSDM. This is NOT admission to the HPU WSDM.


  1. Will Dental Scholars be required to take the DAT (Dental Admission Test)?
    No, Dental Scholars will not be required to take the DAT, as it is not an admission requirement to the HPU WSDM.
  2. If a learner is selected for admission to the Dental Scholars Program but has been granted financial awards for four years to HPU, how will this apply to the Dental Scholars Program?
    Learners who are selected for the Dental Scholars Program, may also be Presidential Scholars who’ve been offered financial award scholarship packages. Learners who agree to participate in the Dental Scholars Program, will be considered undergraduate learners for two years and graduate learners for the remaining four years. Learners will be eligible to accept scholarship packages for the first two years at HPU and the first two years in the DMD program (however, this is subject to change). Once a learner agrees to participate with Dental Scholars, they may opt out of their final two years of Presidential Scholarship awards.
  3. Does admission to the Dental Scholars Program guarantee admission to the HPU WSDM?
    No, admission to the Dental Scholars Program does not guarantee admission to the HPU WSDM.  Acceptance into the program guarantees an on-site interview if the candidate appropriately maintains their academic and behavioral requirements. With successful completion of the interview requirements, learners will be offered a conditional admission pending background check and drug screening.
  4. Will Dental Scholars be awarded a Bachelor’s degree?
    No, Dental Scholars will ONLY be awarded a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree after six years at HPU and successful completion of the requirements for the HPU WSDM. A Bachelor’s degree will not be awarded for learners who participate in the accelerated program unless they are able to complete additional credit hours and/or if they begin at HPU with college-level courses.
  5. What are the requirements for Dental Scholar learners to achieve successful matriculation to the HPU WSDM?
    Learners must maintain a minimum overall and science GPA of 3.5 throughout the first two years at HPU. In addition, the learner cannot have any behavioral infractions or incidents. Accelerated DMD learners are required to live on HPU’s campus for their two pre-DMD years and during the first two years of the DMD program.
  6. Will Dental Scholars have opportunities to volunteer at HPU dental practices?
    Yes, Dental Scholars have opportunities to volunteer in HPU oral health facilities.

The HPU Workman School of Dental Medicine Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree program is currently under review and pending approval from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA).

What is included in the accreditation process?

CODA accreditation for a new institution requires the program to submit a comprehensive document that outlines how they will address the accreditation standards and ensure they will graduate competent oral healthcare providers. This document is reviewed by a select number of colleagues who determine whether the program has sufficiently met the CODA accreditation standards and should have a pre-enrollment site visit. The site visit includes an in-depth review of the initial accreditation application with a team of CODA personnel and oral health practitioners where the institutional faculty provides additional information and new developments about the process. A report is developed from the site visit that is then shared with the CODA Commission of appointed practitioners who review the materials and vote on whether to accredit the school. There are typically follow-up visits by CODA and select personnel at two years intervals after the launch of the program to ensure continued success.


Below is an expected timeline for the accreditation steps and our current stage in the process:


Process Step Date Completed or Expected Duration
HPU WSDM submits application request from executive team February 22, 2022
HPU WSDM submits payment to American Dental Association ($67,400) February 23, 2022
CODA confirms submission February 28, 2022
CODA opens online portal for submission March 02, 2022
HPU WSDM submits initial accreditation application March 02, 2022
CODA confirms submission March 16, 2022
CODA requests list of conflict of interests for proposed reviewers March 24, 2022
HPU WSDM submits list of conflict of interests for reviewers March 28, 2022
CODA selects reviewer(s) 30 days (April)
Reviewers assess initial application to decide if site visit permitted 60 days (May – June)
The public can view and provide comment on the initial application 90 days before the site visit
Site visit scheduled (if additional information is not requested) 4-7 months after review (October – January)
CODA develops site report 30 days
HPU WSDM can respond to site report 30 days
CODA Commission votes on accreditation status February meeting (if visit before October 31)

July meeting (if visit after October 31)

CODA provides final report to HPU WSDM 30 days after decision
210503 Scott De Rossi 001
Dr. Scott De Rossi
Founding Dean, Workman School of Dental Medicine
+1 (336) 841-2695
210503 Kevin Cain 0002
Dr. Kevin Cain
Senior Associate Dean for Administration and Finance, Workman School of Dental Medicine
+1 (336) 841-2694
220309 Muhammad Shazib 001
Dr. Muhammad Ali Shazib
Associate Professor and Assistant Dean/Chief Clinical Officer, Workman School of Dental Medicine
220211 Michael Wolcott 001
Dr. Michael Wolcott
Associate Professor & Assistant Dean for Curriculum Innovation and Assessment, Workman School of Dental Medicine
210903 Jazmin Cromartie 001
Dr. Jazmin Cromartie
Director of Student Admissions and Engagement & Assistant Professor, Workman School of Dental Medicine
+1 (336) 841-2681
220617 Kimberly Werth 001
Kimberly Werth
Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean for Student and Professional Success, Workman School of Dental Medicine
220617 Anna Hilla 001 (1)
Anna Hilla
Director of Clinical Operations, Workman School of Dental Medicine
2021 U.S. News and World Report 100 Best Jobs
Dentist (Average Salary $178,260)
Orthodontist (Average Salary $230,830)
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon (Average Salary $237,570)
Prosthodontist (Average Salary $220,840)
About Dental Medicine and Oral Health
The professional and industrial landscape of dentistry is changing rapidly. Tomorrow’s oral healthcare provider must be equipped to work in an integrated care environment and address the changing needs of tomorrow’s patients. These providers must also know how to lead in diverse teams and environments.

The School of Dental Medicine and Oral Health at High Point University is being intentionally designed to lead the country in...

The professional and industrial landscape of dentistry is changing rapidly. Tomorrow’s oral healthcare provider must be equipped to work in an integrated care environment and address the changing needs of tomorrow’s patients. These providers must also know how to lead in diverse teams and environments.

The School of Dental Medicine and Oral Health at High Point University is being intentionally designed to lead the country in innovative curriculum and clinical experiences. Our students will be prepared through a blend of didactic courses, high-fidelity simulation, and a unique blend of patient care experiences.

High Point University will provide personalized tracks to satisfy the career interests of our students. Students will complete coursework and clinical experiences across most specialties, but will tailor their experiences to areas of interest in their fourth year through electives and specialty rotations.

Contact Dr. Jazmin Cromartie
One University Parkway High Point, NC 27268
Dr. Jazmin Cromartie | Director of Admissions
Daily from 8:30am — 5:00pm.
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