Master's of Biomedical Sciences
Master's of Biomedical Sciences
Be inspired by value-added experiences built to propel you forward in the healthcare field.

Welcome to HPU Biomedical Sciences
210405 Kristin Ackerman
Founding Director for MS Biomedical Sciences and Assistant Professor of Medical Sciences
My love of biomedical science is often philosophical, it is of course the life of the embryonic self and ultimately the fully developed brain that shapes and dictates our interactions with the world; therefore, it defines what it means to be human. With this in mind, the ultimate goal of biomedical science as a discipline is to understand the biology, chemistry, physics, and psychology of the human body; how the complex interactions of genes, proteins, cells and organs can lead to the individuality of human health and wellness or contribute to disorder and disease.
Is Biomedical Sciences the Right Fit for You?
High Point University’s Biomedical Sciences program offers 4 distinguishing training features:
Do you want to distinguish yourself before applying to preprofessional programs or graduate school?
Are you looking to upskill/reskill to be more competitive in the healthcare workforce?

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) accredited Master’s of Biomedical Sciences program, has been designed to benefit students who want to: 1.) demonstrate increased academic maturity, along with, strengthening clinical and/or research skills ahead of pursuing an advanced degree in healthcare (MD, PA, DDM, PT, AT, etc.) and/or 2.) advance in a career as a research scientist via a terminal or gateway degree program designed to foster skill development in areas such as methodology, critical thinking, scientific inquiry, collaborative teamwork, and the interpretation and evaluation of scientific literature.

The program consists of:

  • Choose from 3-Tracks: Clinical Training, Research Development, or Internship; all culminate in a 10-week capstone project
Clinical Experience Research Development (Basic Science)Internship
(3) EMT Training and Certification(3) Techniques in Biomedical Sciences(3) Techniques in Biomedical Sciences
(2) EMT Clinicals(2) Research Design in Biomedical Sciences(2) Research Design in Biomedical Sciences OR Legal and Ethical Considerations in Healthcare
Clinical Experience Capstone*Research Development Capstone*Internship Capstone*
*Capstone is a 10-week research project at a clinical site, a basic science research bench withprincipal investigator, or an internship where students will collect meaningful data to present a poster or oral presentation at an internal symposium.
  • 11 month start-to-completion (mid May-early May)
  • Cohort size of 10-30 students per academic year
  • Curricular areas of focus – Cadaver-based anatomy, EMT certification, Physiology, Pathology, Clinical Pharmacology, Literature and Critique, Biostatistics, and an inquiry-based Capstone project
  • Standardized Exam preparation (MCAT, DAT, GRE)
  • Dedicated faculty advisers for individualized mentoring
  • Application preparation via HPU’s awarding winning Career and Professional Development office
  • Taught by Ph.D.-prepared faculty


Biomedical science provides a holistic vision of human science, underpinned by relevant basic sciences including anatomy and physiology, cell biology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics and molecular biology, and statistics that are taught from an interdisciplinary viewpoint.  Through our innovative curriculum, HPU students navigate an increasingly collaborative and integrated science environment to ultimately address the changing needs in scientific discovery, research, and patient-centered care.

The master’s degree in biomedical sciences can be completed in 11 months through three terms (summer, fall, spring terms, with a May graduation). Courses will be offered in a cohort model totaling 39 credits-34 credits in core courses and 5 credits of elective which are determined by tracks.

Core Courses-34 credits

Summer Term Fall Term Spring Term
(5) Foundations in Integrated Medical Physiology + Simulation laboratory (5) Applied Gross Anatomy+ cadaveric laboratory(3) Analysis and Critic of Literature in the Biomedical Sciences
(5) Medicinal Biochemistry + laboratory (4) Medicinal Pharmacology(3) Capstone in Research Development, Clinical Training, or Internship
(3) Statistics for Evidence Based
Practice in the Health Sciences
(5) Pathology + Histology laboratory(0) Standardized Exam Preparation II
(1) Healthcare Practice and Professional Development
(0) Standardized Exam Preparation I
13 credits15 credits6 credits

*Courses and credit number are subject to change.

Program Objectives  Tuition & Fees  Course Descriptions

HPU will give preference to applicants who demonstrate the potential to be successful in a graduate level curriculum; thus, a consistent or an up-trending undergraduate academic track record will allow you to successfully transition into master’s level expectations.  In addition to academic success, students must demonstrate high level interest in experiential learning, leadership, and service.  Finally, HPU Biomedical Sciences will work to enhance a mission to diversify the STEM workforce; thus, enrollment of students from various backgrounds is essential.


  • A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution
  • Recommended GPA of 3.4; minimum GPA of a 3.0/4.0
  • All prerequisite courses must be completed within 7 years preceding application and admissions to Biomedical Sciences

Biology8Introductory with labCell and Molecular, Genetics, Zoology, Evolution, Ecology

Cell/Molecular or Genetics-Highly Recommended
Anatomy, Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Exercise Science, Neuroscience, or Physiology.15-16At least 3 upper level courses with lab (3xxx or 4xxx) are required.

Biochemistry, Cellular biology, Molecular biology, Kinesiology, Biomedical Science (immunology, cancer biology, virology, parasitology, neuroscience)
Anatomy and PhysiologyHighly Recommended2XXX+ with lab
General Chemistry81xxx with lab
Organic Chemistry8At least 2xxx with lab
Humanities8Evidence of liberal arts explorationEthics, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, History, Art, or Political Science
Communication4Evidence of proficient oral or written communicationComposition, Speech, Literature, English, Humanities courses that are writing intensive
4At least Pre-calculusStatistics/Biostatistics, Pre-calculus, Calculus

Biostatistics/Statistics-Highly Recommended

Application Information:

Materials for application to the Biomedical Sciences program include:

  1. CV or resume
  2. 3 letters of academic or professional recommendations (at least 2 letters should be academic references)
  3. Official transcripts for all colleges attended outside of High Point University
  4. 2 essay prompts; each to be answered in 250-500 words
  5. Online application


210512 Linda Sekhon 001
Linda Sekhon DHSc, MMS, PA-C
Founding Chair of the Department of Medical Sciences and Professor of Medical Sciences and Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
+1 (336) 841-9440
210405 Kristin Ackerman
Kristin Ackerman PhD
Founding Director for MS Biomedical Sciences and Assistant Professor of Medical Sciences
+1 (336) 841-9509
210701 Meghan Blackledge
Meghan Blackledge
Associate Professor of Chemistry
+1 (336) 841-9317
Curtis Kelly
Kelly Curtis
Associate Professor of Psychology
+1 (336) 841-9569
Billy Vaile, NREMT-P, CHSE
Simulation Center Manager
+1 (336) 841-9685
Karen Timbrook Dillow
Karen Timbrook-Dillow, MMS, PA-C
Clinical Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
+1 (336) 841-9564
200819 Nolan Crain 001
Nolan Crain, MPAS, PA-C
Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
+1 (336) 841-9432
Angel Hicks
Angel Hicks
Administrative Assistant, Medical Sciences
Brittany Macon Crop
Brittany Macon-Davis, DMSc, MHS, PA-C
Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
+1 (336) 841-9108

Inaugural Cohort-Class of 2023

BMS Group Picture 2022

left to right: Faith Wheeler, Gabby Ryan, Blair Cloutier, Jessie Nouman, Shelby McCook, and Dr. Ackerman

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Rachel Topper
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Daily I am thankful for the diverse education and skillset that I received with a degree in Integrated Biomedical Sciences as it has opened a multitude of unexpected doors toward a rewarding and fulfilling career in higher education.
Dr. Kristin Ackerman
I know a lot of undergrads are unsure about their next steps. But this is a great program that helps you figure out what is best for you.
Gabrielle Ryan, Class of 2023
She gives us the tools to make the decision we need and help us dig inside ourselves to find our path, and with Dr. Ackerman alongside us, I know we can accomplish anything.
Blair Cloutier, Class of 2023
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